Band Plays Respect to the Music of Bob Marley

Island Head, a band consisting of world-class musicians, has recorded an instrumental EP/album paying much respect to the music and the genius of Robert Nesta (Bob) Marley.

The band went into a recording studio and recorded together as a band at the same time.  This may not sound unusual to non-musicians.  But, this is an old-school approach that is seldom used.  What you get recording this way are the emotions and interaction of the musicians.  They play off of or react to each other.

The band has recorded some classics – “I Shot The Sheriff” and “Get Up Stand Up” – and less well known songs, with a very unique approach.   The ‘riddims’ are not strictly reggae.  They are influenced by rock, funk, R&B and jazz, too.  Bob Marley’s vocals were performed on either guitar, trumpet, saxophone or keyboard synthesizer.  Some background vocal parts were played by the horn section.  All in all, the arrangements are very original.

The band has plans to perform at some island reggae music festivals and are looking forward to ‘jammin’ live on stage and expanding the songs even further.

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