For more information contact Billy Messinetti

NYO Entertainment, inc. 1650 Broadway suite 503, New York, NY  10019                      917-847-7200


  1. Tony Cappello says:

    Are there any shows planned north of the border in Canada in the near future?

    1. HI Tony, Thanks for contacting us. No shows planned at all yet. We are working on dates for 2014. Where in Canada are you? Any relation to Timmy?

      1. tony.cappello says:

        Thanks for getting back to me. Too bad there aren’t any shows in Canada yet, I’m from Hamilton, Ontaro (an hour north of Niagara Falls) Funny you should ask if I’m related to Timmy, I always thought we were related, in fact we might be somehow lol…… We were always in touch but I misplaced his email address. Would you mind giving him my email address, he’ll remember me, thank you…….Tony.

  2. wendy1955 says:

    Will you be posting your schedule for 2014? You guys sound amazing on the cd, can only imagine how you would sound live. Would like to come and have a listen.

  3. wendy1955 says:

    I was wondering if you would be posting your 2014 schedule, you guys sound amazing on the cd, would love to see the band in person if possible.

    1. Hi Wendy, we are putting together dates and will post as soon as possible. Thank you for the compliments!

      1. tony.cappello says:

        Hello, re:wendy1955 querie about your 2014 schedule, I sure hope the band can maybe do a show north of the border, say in Toronto for example. And if you don’t mind passing my email address along to Timmy Cappello I’d sure like to get in touch with him again, thank you………..Tony Cappello.

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