SiriusXM program director, Pat McKay has very high praise for the band. She said; “Island Head is an important project to reggae. It’s always gr8 to have substantive, high art. This work contributes to reggae’s growth. Reminds others of what it really is and what is still possible. I feel so especially blessed to share this brilliant work with our audience.”

Dermot Hussey, the legendary radio personality, is also on SiriusXM The Joint reggae channel. Dermot said; “Island Head musicians, tastefully demonstrate that a fresh perspective can still be brought to Bob Marley music”.

Relix jamband magazine – “The band frequently flexes their muscles a bit on solos, but their vocal-like quality feels tasteful and natural-always rocking steady and never forgetting to keep the party going.”

Midnight Raver Blog – “ the strength of the songs, the talent of these musicians, and the organic connection they share with each other, keeps this album standing strong inna Babylon! (click here to read more)

Jammin’ Reggae Archives – “the tunes include riffs and solos that turn this disc into pretty much a jazz/reggae affair not unlike Monty Alexander’s Caribbean-flavored material.” (click here to read more)

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