Island Head performed at the Sirius XM radio station in New York City. Pat McKay, program director for reggae station, The Joint, hosted and interviewed the band.

Island Head guitarist, Andy Bassford, received a Grammy for his songwriting and performances on the album “44/876” by Sting & Shaggy.

Pictured: 1) Island Head drummer/bandleader Billy Messinetti 2) Andy Bassford with his Grammy 3) Sting & Andy Bassford 4) Andy at SiriusXM studios 5) Legendary Island Head guitarist Mikey ‘Mao’ Chung 6) Trumpet player/arranger Don Harris with Billy 7) Pat McKay with the band in the studio 8) Keyboardist David Frank 9) Sax Player Timmy Cappello 10) Punky Reggae Party mix engineer Dave O’Donnell with David and Billy 11) Don Harris 12) Bassist Jeff Ganz 13) David and Billy 14) Andy with his colorful guitar