Andy Bassford on Sting & Shaggy 44/876

Sting & Andy Bassford from Island Head reggae musicians
Andy Bassford (from Island Head), Sting & Joshua Thomas (the other bass player Haha!)

Congratulations to Island Head’s guitarist Andy Bassford for his contributions to the album, Sting & Shaggy “44/876”. The album won the Grammy for “Reggae Album of the Year” in 2019. Andy not only played guitar on 4 songs, he also co-wrote the songs he played on.

For years Andy has worked on almost every Shaggy recording project. Shaggy’s producer, who goes by the moniker Sting International, was brought on to produce the album. He brought in his regular rhythm section players that he uses on his reggae sessions, including Andy. Sting was excited to work with authentic reggae musicians of such high caliber. And, the rest, as they say, is history. History for sure with the winning of the Grammy.

P.S. 44/876 refers to the country codes to phone the countries of Jamaica and England.

Andy Bassford from Island Head reggae musicians holding the grammy for the recording of the reggae album of the year Sting & Shaggy 44/876

Andy Bassford holding the grammy




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