Island Head Musicians Band Live in NYC – “So Much Trouble In The World”

Island Head reggae band’s live performance of Bob Marley’s “So Much Trouble in the World”.  The studio version can be heard on the album “Punky Reggae Party”. This performance is from the summer of 2013 at The Cutting Room in New York City.

Band members include Andy Bassford and Mikey ‘Mao’ Chung on guitars, Timmy Cappello on sax, James K. Smith on trumpet, Jeff Ganz on bass, Mike Mancini on keyboards and Billy Messinetti on drums.  The studio version of “So Much Trouble in the World” can be heard on the Island Head album “Punky Reggae Party”. Island Head is also known as Island Head Band and Island Head Musicians.

Listen to the reggae radio station on SiriusXM channel 42 “The Joint” and hear the live in-studio versions of “Punky Reggae Party”, “Burnin’ and Lootin'” and “So Much Trouble in the World”.  The session was recorded the same day as The Cutting Room show.

Watch the video here:


Pictured (left to right) Timmy Cappello, Jeff Ganz, Mikey ‘Mao’ Chung and Andy Bassford


Andy Bassford (guitarist)


Pat McKay (program director for The Joint with Island Head)


James K. Smith (trumpet player)


Mike Mancini (keyboard player)


Billy Messinetti (drummer)


Bob Marley & Dermot Hussey, 56 Hope Road, 1979

This rehearsal is the beginnings of a great song that certainly evolved into a classic that has done quite well for Island Head reggae band.


In 1979, Bob Marley invited his friend and JBC broadcaster Dermot Hussey to 56 Hope Road for an interview and to film rehearsal sessions at the newly constructed Tuff Gong Recording Studio. At the time, Dermot was producing a television show called NOMMO, and planned to dedicate an entire episode to Marley and the new studio.

What he obtained that day is, in my opinion, some of the greatest video and audio recordings of Marley ever.  Dermot still holds the rights to all of the associated audio and video and he has licensed it for use in several documentaries, including REBEL MUSIC, which is about as good a documentary you will find on Marley.

Here is an audio excerpt featuring Marley singing several takes of “So Much Trouble In The World” and talking with Dermot.

Many thanks to our good friend Dermot for allowing us to share this audio!

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